Bank of Canada Building (Toronto)

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Bank of Canada Building
Bank of Canada Building
Bank of Canada Building
General information
Architectural styleModern Classical architecture[1]
LocationToronto, Ontario
Address250 University Avenue
Coordinates43°39′01″N 79°23′12.5″W / 43.65028°N 79.386806°W / 43.65028; -79.386806Coordinates: 43°39′01″N 79°23′12.5″W / 43.65028°N 79.386806°W / 43.65028; -79.386806
Elevation90 metres (295 ft)
Construction started1954
Design and construction
ArchitectMarani & Morris [2]
Other designersCleeve Horne and Louis Temporale [3]

The Bank of Canada Building in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was one of the regional offices for the central bank. It was built in 1957-1958 with vaults for gold and cash for banks in the Greater Toronto Area. The central bank's regional offices are now at Sun Life Financial Tower at 150 King Street West.[4]

The building was designed by Canadian architect Ferdinand Herbert Marani and British-born Canadian architect Robert Schofield Morris (1898–1964), with a modern take of classical architecture.[5] The building had mostly a simple clean façade but feature two carvings: bas-relief designs on north and south façade by sculptor Cleeve Horne (1912-1998) and as well as the Arms of Canada on the front entrance by Louis Temporale (1909-1994).[6]


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