Bank of Carthage (Missouri)

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The Bank of Carthage was a local bank in Carthage, Missouri. It traced its history to 1868 and called itself the "oldest bank in southwest Missouri."[1][2][3]

The Bank of Carthage was a successful business for many decades, surviving the Great Depression with minimal disruption due to its conservative policies.[1][2] It occupied an historic building on Main Street in Carthage from 1882 until 1960, when it relocated to a more modern facility.[3]

After 1960 the company was absorbed into Boatmen’s Bank and subsequently Bank of America.[3]


Coordinates: 37°10′36.82″N 94°18′39.91″W / 37.1768944°N 94.3110861°W / 37.1768944; -94.3110861