Bank of Mauritius Tower

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Bank of Mauritius Tower
BoM Tower1.JPG
The Bank of Mauritius
Record height
Preceded by Mauritius Telecom Tower
General information
Location Port Louis, Mauritius
Construction started 2004
Completed 2006
Antenna spire 124 m (407 ft)
Roof 98 m (322 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 22
Floor area 16,834 m2 (181,200 sq ft)

The Bank of Mauritius Tower is a skyscraper which is located in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. It is the country's tallest building when measured to roof at 98 m (321 ft)[1] and to pinnacle at 124 m (407 ft). The 16,834 m² reinforced concrete structure which dominates the city's skyline reached its final height in May 2006. The 22 storeyed building towers over the Citadel (a hill-top fortification in Port Louis) and is constructed in an area where highrises were once prohibited. It is also the second tallest structure in Mauritius after the much taller 183 m (600 ft) Bigara Station Transmitter (guyed mast) in the upper Plaines Wilhems.

Its construction took nearly 30 months and is resistant to the seasonal hurricanes which occur in the region. Owing to its function, it is probably the most technically advanced building in Mauritius.[2]

Other tall buildings in Mauritius are the Telecom Tower with its twin lightning rods pointing at 110 m, the 82 m State Bank Tower and the Air Mauritius Centre with an helipad at 79 m over the ground. Outside Port Louis, the Ebene Cyber Tower is 72 m high. Malherbes Station Transmitter (guyed mast) in Curepipe is 97 m tall.


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