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Bank of Taizhou
Privately owned company
IndustryBank, SME Finance, Microfinance
Founded2002 (1988)
Area served
Key people
Chairman : Chen Xiao Jun President: Huang Jun Min
Number of employees
WebsiteBank of Taizhou Official Homepage(Chinese) [1]
The Head office of Bank of Taizhou

Bank of Taizhou (TZB; simplified Chinese 台州银行) is a city commercial bank headquartered in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province - China. On 9 September 2010, it was officially renamed as Bank of Taizhou from the original name of Taizhou City Commercial Bank(simplified Chinese 台州市商业银行).

The Bank was founded on March 13, 2002, by an amalgamation of eight local credit unions with a registered capital of RMB 300 million and is the first non-state-controlled city commercial bank in China. Together with its predecessor organisation Yinzuo Urban Credit Union, Bank of Taizhou has a continuous history of 25 years. By the end of 2011, for TZB, the whole deposit balance was total assets stood at 57.192 billion RMB growing 18% from the previous year. The total loan portfolio was 26.78 billion RMB and the total number of loan clients was close to 60.000. The NPL ratio was 0.30%, slightly up from the previous year.

The KPMG research study "China’s City Commercial Bank: Opportunity knocks?" (2007) ranked TZB on place 12 out of China’s Top 100 city commercial banks. In 2008, TZB was awarded with the 3rd place in the "Comprehensive competitiveness rank of national city commercial banks" by the Chinese finance magazine "The Banker".


By the end of June 2016, TZB has 10 branches, 7 VTB (Village and Township Bank) and over 100 sub-branches. The branches are located in all districts of Zhejiang province. Bank of Taizhou is now operating on a nationwide basis, using its subsidiary VTBs to reach more distant locations. The VTBs are located Shenzhen Futian, Beijing Shunyi and Jiangxi Ganzhou, Chongqing Yubei and Chongqing Qianjiang as well as in Zhejiang Lishui Jingning and Zhejiang Taizhou Sanmen. The total number of employees in TZB is close to 10000.

Business areas[edit]

TZB is focused on SME finance designed for most micro & small enterprises which could not get loan from Bank before and also has a big micro lending operation. The bank was the first partner bank in the China Development Bank Microfinance Project starting in 2005.

By the end of September 2011, TZB has more than 62,000 clients that have loans outstanding, average loan amount was 436,200 RMB, among which loans under 1 million RMB took up 92.68% of loan number and 55.93% of loan outstanding.

Corporate culture[edit]

The Corporate spirit of TZB is "hardworking, practical, innovative". The service culture of the Bank is as what it says in its logo:"simple, convenient, efficient"(simplified Chinese 简单,方便,快捷). Unlike many state owned banks, TZB has a very stable management team with most senior and middle managers working in the bank for close to 20 years. This gives the bank a very strong corporate culture and risk culture.

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