Bankenes BetalingsSentral

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Bankenes BetalingsSentral AS
Industry Financial services
Founded 1972
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area served
Key people
Rune Fjeldstad (Chair, 2010)
Revenue NOK 1,697 million (2008)
NOK 201 million (2008)
NOK 157 million (2008)
Number of employees
830 (2008)

Bankenes BetalingsSentral or BBS was a Norwegian company that provided centralised management of payment transactions, giro management and bank clearing. The most central solutions were Bankgiro, eFaktura and BankAxept. The company also developed technology related to transactions and online banking services. BBS was owned by the banks in Norway, and based in Oslo. BBS was established by the Norwegian banks to establish and operate a common infrastructure for interbank payments. This move for a shared infrastructure showed great insight where the owners decided not to compete on the infrastructure but rather on the services they offered. The availability of a common platform was one of the key factors in driving the digitalisation of the banking industry and modernisation of banking in Norway.

In 2010, BBS merged with PBS of Denmark and BBS and Teller of Norway to create Nets Group.