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Banks Group
IndustryMining, energy, property development

The Banks Group is a family owned coal mining, wind energy and property construction business headquartered in Durham, but working across Scotland and the North of England, established in 1976.[1]


The Banks Mining division is active in open-cast or surface coal mining. The Banks Group was founded by Graham Banks, Harry Banks, Joe Banks and Bruce Banks.

In 2012, Banks completed construction of Northumberlandia, a huge, award-winning, land sculpture in the shape of a reclining female figure near Cramlington, Northumberland. Banks Group and the Blagdon Estate jointly financed the £2.5m cost of the work, as planning gain for Banks' adjacent open-cast Shotton Surface Mine, which was approved in 2007.[2] The mine was approved in 2007 despite 2,500 objections and previous refusal by Northumberland County Council.[3]

Banks Group won a Marketplace Innovation Award from Business in the Community for its technologies to reduce noise from mining operations.[4]

Another division, Banks Renewables, installs wind turbines,[5] such as those at West Durham Wind Farm which was planned as the largest wind farm in North East England.

The other division is Banks Property.


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