Banksville, New York

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Banksville is located in New York
Location of Banksville in New York
Coordinates: 41°08′30″N 73°38′24″W / 41.14167°N 73.64000°W / 41.14167; -73.64000Coordinates: 41°08′30″N 73°38′24″W / 41.14167°N 73.64000°W / 41.14167; -73.64000
CountryUnited States
StateNew York
TownNorth Castle

Banksville is a hamlet in the town of North Castle, New York. Banksville is known as the "Eastern District of North Castle". It is located in the eastern part of the town, close to Connecticut. Banksville Avenue lies on the border between New York and Connecticut, consequently some organizations and businesses considered to be in the hamlet of Banksville, are given Greenwich, Connecticut postal addresses. Banksville Community House, Banksville Nursery School, and Banksville Pharmacy (a.k.a. North Street Healthmart Pharmacy) have mailing addresses for Greenwich, Connecticut, while Banksville Independent Fire Co. has a mailing address for Bedford, New York.[1] Along with Armonk and North White Plains, it is one of the three geographical regions and hamlets of North Castle.[2] Banksville was named after Samuel Banks, a farmer who settled area in 1695. Banks died January 29, 1743 and is buried in Middle Patent Rural Cemetery. Descendants of Samuel Banks inhabit Banksville to this day.[3]


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