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Bannführer was a paramilitary rank of the Hitler Youth that was created in the mid-1930s as a result of Hitler Youth expansion throughout Nazi Germany. The purpose of the rank was to provide more adult leadership ranks other than the previous title of Hitlerjugendführer.

Bannführer was divided into three levels, mainly the basic rank of Bannführer followed by two higher ranks of Oberbannführer and Hauptbannführer. The insignia consisted of a leaf shoulder insignia worn on a Hitler Youth jacket.

The rank of Bannführer has made at least two appearances in modern motion pictures about World War II; mainly “Swing Kids” (where a Bannführer is shown instructing a group of Hitler Youth in boxing) and in “Europa Europa” where a Bannführer runs a Hitler Youth academy. A Bannführer also plays a relatively big role in Hitlerjunge Quex.