Banning, Delaware

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Banning, Delaware, USA was a stop in Cedar Creek Hundred on the now defunct Queen Anne's Railroad line between Ellendale and Greenwood positioned at the NE corner of what now is Rd 44/Blacksmith Shop Rd[1] and DE-16 W/Beach Hwy. After the railroad closed down and the tracks were removed, all Banning, Delaware property owned by the railroad was returned to Mark L. Banning, its previous landowner. A small town built around the Banning, Delaware stop disappeared.


  1. ^ Delaware (1895). Laws of the State of Delaware, Volume 20. 20. Delaware General Assembly. p. 536. Retrieved 2011-02-13. ... appoint three judicious and impartial citizens of road- Sussex county, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to go upon and view the lands and determine whether there is need of a public road in Cedar Creek Hundred, county and State aforesaid, beginning in the public road leading from Bridgeville to Milford, on lands of Mark L. Banning, a short distance to the westward of said Banning's dwelling house; thence in a northerly direction through said Banning's land to lands of John R. Hemmonds and Mary P. Hemmon...  This led to the development of Blacksmith Shop Rd.

Coordinates: 38°48′22″N 75°30′59″W / 38.806196°N 75.516334°W / 38.806196; -75.516334