Banská Belá

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Banská Belá
Country Slovakia
Region Banská Bystrica
District Banská Štiavnica
Elevation 480 m (1,575 ft)
Coordinates 48°28′30″N 18°56′06″E / 48.47500°N 18.93500°E / 48.47500; 18.93500Coordinates: 48°28′30″N 18°56′06″E / 48.47500°N 18.93500°E / 48.47500; 18.93500
Area 28.6 km2 (11.0 sq mi)
Population 1,234 (2004-12-31)
Density 43/km2 (111/sq mi)
First mentioned 1228
Postal code 966 15
Area code +421-45
Car plate BS
Location of Banská Belá in Slovakia
Location of Banská Belá in Slovakia
Statistics: MOŠ/MIS[permanent dead link]

Banská Belá (German: Dilln; Hungarian: Bélabánya) is a village and municipality in Banská Štiavnica District, in the Banská Bystrica Region of central Slovakia. It has a population of 1,234.


The village arose by separation from Banská Štiavnica, but it was part of Banská Štiavnica again from 1873 to 1954.

In historical records, the village was first mentioned in 1228 (flumen Bela) in connection with its silver mines. In 1331[citation needed], King Béla IV invited German miners from Banská Štiavnica and the village got the German name Dilln (Dyln, Dilln, Dylen). The village suffered from Turkish raids during the Ottoman wars.

Genealogical resources[edit]

The records for genealogical research are available at the state archive "Statny Archiv in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia"

  • Roman Catholic church records (births/marriages/deaths): 1688-1895(parish A)
  • Lutheran church records (births/marriages/deaths): 1678-1905(parish B)

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