Banská Bystrica railway station

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Banská Bystrica
General information
Location29. Augusta
97401 Banská Bystrica
Coat of Arms of Banská Bystrica.svg Banská Bystrica
Banská Bystrica
 Banská Bystrica Region
Coordinates48°44′07″N 19°09′48″E / 48.73528°N 19.16333°E / 48.73528; 19.16333Coordinates: 48°44′07″N 19°09′48″E / 48.73528°N 19.16333°E / 48.73528; 19.16333
Owned byŽeleznice Slovenskej republiky
Operated byŽeleznice Slovenskej republiky
Banská Bystrica–Červená Skala
Distance21.383 km (13.287 mi)
from Zvolen
  • Buses
Banská Bystrica is located in Slovakia
Banská Bystrica
Banská Bystrica
Location within Slovakia

Banská Bystrica railway station (Slovak: Železničná stanica Banská Bystrica) serves the city and municipality of Banská Bystrica, seat of the Banská Bystrica Region, central Slovakia.

Opened in 1873, the station is a junction between the Vrútky–Zvolen railway and the Banská Bystrica–Červená Skala railway.

The station is currently owned by Železnice Slovenskej republiky (ŽSR); train services are operated by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK). Banská Bystrica railway station is situated at the southern end of 29. Augusta, on the edge of the city centre.


The station was opened on 3 September 1873, together with the rest of the Zvolen–Banská Bystrica section of the Vrútky–Zvolen railway. On 26 July 1884, the station became a through station, upon the inauguration of the Banská Bystrica–Brezno section of the Banská Bystrica–Červená Skala railway.

It was not until 19 December 1940 that the Banská Bystrica–Dolná Štubňa section of the Vrútky–Zvolen railway was opened, thus completing the construction of that railway, and simultaneously transforming Banská Bystrica into a junction.


Preceding station   ŽSSK   Following station
Terminus   Regional fast trains   Horná Štubňa obec
toward Žilina
Banská Bystrica mesto
toward Bratislava
  Regional fast trains   Terminus
Banská Bystrica mesto
toward Zvolen
  Stopping trains   Šalková
toward Brezno
Terminus   Regional Express   Medzibrod
toward Margecany

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