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Bantayan Southern Institute is a non sectarian, co-educational institution in the island of Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines. The institution is a part of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation. Bantayan Southern Institute, or BSI, was established in 1945. Upon the evacuation of Mr. Escolastico S. Duterte to the island group in northern Cebu, the constituents of Bantayan asked for an academic institution on the island. On July 1945, Engr and Mrs Agustin Jereza founded.

The Director, Principal (Elementary and Highschool) and Dean, College of Commerce, Education and Information Technology, is Mrs. Joselyn SJ Dulap. The Dean for the hotel and Restaurant Management is Mrs. Estrelleta Diongzon.

The Bantayan Southern Institute offers the following programs.

  • Elementary
  • Highschool
  • College Degrees
    • Bachelor in Elementary Education
    • Bachelor in Information Technology
    • Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Associate in Computer Technology
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with major in:
      • Management Finance
      • Management Accounting

CAT program[edit]

The Citizenship Advancement Program is a course that graduating fourth year students must take before being eligible to graduate. Formerly CAT was called the Philippine Military Training. The CAT course is under the Philippine Airforce command. The commands used are either in Tagalog or English. Units are as follows (from smallest to largest):

  • Lipaw or Flight usually commanded by a 1st Lieutenant.
  • Pulangan or Squadron usually commanded by a Captain.
  • Bukluran or Group usually commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Bagwis or Wing usually commanded by a Colonel, which is the highest ranking CAT officer.

The smallest unit with a HQ staff is the Pulangan or Squadron consisting of the Squadron Commander (CAPT or MAJ), an Executive Officer (2LT) and a Staff Sergeant. In an Air group it usually comprises four staff officers with Ranks of Maj in the 1st AG and Capt in the 2nd AG. The staff includes:

  • G1 - Executive and Adjutant,
  • G2 - Intelligence and Armory,
  • G3 - Planning and Operations and
  • G4 - Supply.

In the Wing staff there are usually four staff officers with ranks Lieutenant Colonel which includes:

  • W1 - Executive and Adjutant,
  • W2 - Intelligence and Armory,
  • W3 - Planning and Operations
  • W4 - Supply.

During the BSI day celebration the CAT-Officers presents a ceremonial pass-and-review in honor of the Miss BSI which is also the day when the officers are pinned with their Rank Insignia. The event is attended by the parents of the Officers, the faculty members of BSI and other guests.

Ranks in the BSI - CAT include:

Commissioned Officers:

  • Koronel or Colonel
  • Tinyente Koronel or Lt. Col.
  • Magat or Major
  • Kapitan or Captain
  • Unang Tinyente of 1st Lt.
  • Pangalawang Tinyente or 2nd Lt.

For Non Commissioned Officers Ranks:

  • M/Sgt
  • T/Sgt
  • S/Sgt
  • F/Sgt
  • Sgt

For Cadets:

  • Cadets for Male
  • Cadette for Female