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Bantiger TV Tower is a 196 metre tall tower used for FM- and TV-transmission at 46°58′40″N 7°31′43″E / 46.97778°N 7.52861°E / 46.97778; 7.52861Coordinates: 46°58′40″N 7°31′43″E / 46.97778°N 7.52861°E / 46.97778; 7.52861 on the Bantiger mountain, a mountain east of Berne situated in the municipality of Bolligen. The Bantiger TV Tower was built between 1991 and 1996 as replacement of a 100 metres tall radio tower, built in 1954. Bantiger TV Tower, which was inaugurated in 1997 has a public observation deck in a height of 33.7 metres. In contrast to most other observation decks on TV towers, there is no elevator for visitors access. The access to the deck goes via a stairway, which is not inside the tower, but in a lattice tower attached to the towers main structure.

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