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Three young girls in Bantul

Bantul is a town and the capital of Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Java, Indonesia.[1] It is a bustling town about 10 km to the south of Yogyakarta, easily reached by regular minibuses from the main Yogyakarta bus station. Bantul has numerous firms and agencies (service stations and garages, banks, schools, medical clinics, government offices) which supply services to the surrounding area. A main road runs down from Yogyakarta through Bantul to the busy beach area of Parangtritis visited by many tourists from Yogyakarta each weekend.

2006 earthquake[edit]

On 27 May 2006 an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the moment magnitude scale struck near Java's southern coast causing widespread damage. Bantul Regency was the region most affected by the disaster. More than 2,000 residents of Bantul were killed, thousands of its residents injured, and 80% of its homes damaged or destroyed.[2][3]


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