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Banu Hamdan (Musnad: 𐩠𐩣𐩵𐩬) was a well known Yemeni Sum`ayite clan since the 1st millennium BCE. It was mentioned in Sabaic inscriptions as qayls of Hashid, who later acquired control over a part of Bakil and finally gave their clan name to a tribal confederation including Hashid and Bakil.[1]

Hamdan branches[edit]

Hashid and Bakil[edit]

Today still in the same ancient tribal form in Yemen Hashid and Bakil of Hamdan remained in the highlands North of Sana'a between Marib and Hajjah.

Banu Yam[edit]

Banu Yam settled to the North of Bakil in Najran (today in Saudi Arabia). It also branched into the tribes: the 'Ujman of eastern Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf coast.

Banu Kathir[edit]

Banu Kathir from Hadramut in the East of Yemen where they established their own sultanate.

Banu Al-Mashrouki[edit]

Banu Al-Mashrouki settled in Lebanon producing well known Maronite influential families such as the Awwad, Massa'ad, Al-Sema'ani, Hasroun.[2]

Banu Al Harith remained in Jabal Amil and were mainly Shia. A smaller group joined the Yemeni Druze and were eventually pushed by Kaysi Druze to Jabal Al Druze in Syria.



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