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Banu Lam (Arabic: بنو لام‎‎) is an Arab tribe of central Arabia and southern Iraq. The tribe claims descent from the ancient Arab tribe of Tayy, and dominated western Nejd (the region between Medina and al-Yamama) before the 15th century. The tribe split into three main bedouin (nomadic) groups: the Fudhool, the Al Kathir, and the Al Mughira , and Al-Dhafeer. The Bani Lam tribes gradually left Nejd, settling mostly in southern Iraq, where they converted from Sunni to Shi'a Islam largely just before or during the 19th century.[1] Many clans from Bani Lam, however, remained in Nejd as settled townspeople. The Fudhool were the last of Bani Lam to leave Nejd, in the 18th century.


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