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The Banu Sumadih were an 11th-century Arab[1] dynasty that ruled the Moorish Taifa of Almería (present day Almería province, Spain) in Al-Andalus.


The Banu Sumadih dynasty in the Almería taifa were subordinate to the Taifa of Zaragoza, sub-group of the Banu Tujib which split into two groups: the Banu Sumadih and the Banu Hisham. The last Banu Sumadih emir fled to the Hammadid king al-Mansur in 1102, who gave him command of Dellys in Algeria.[2]


The Banu Sumadih dynasty rulers were:

  • Ma'n ibn Muhammad ibn Sumadih (1041–1051), installed by Granada
  • Al-Mu'tasim ibn Sumadih (1051–1091), a noted Arabic poet
  • Mu'izz ud-Dawla ibn Sumadih (1091–1102), fled to the Hammadid dynasty; granted command of north African Dellys after 1102.

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