Banu Taym

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Banu Taym
(Arabic: بنو تيم‎)
Quraysh, Adnanites
Banu Taym.png
A genealogy of the Banu Taym tribe.
LocationWestern Arabia, especially in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Descended fromTaym ibn Murrah
ReligionIdolatry and later Islam
This is about the sub-clan of Quraish, for a completely different tribe see Banu Tamim.

Banu Taym (Arabic: بنو تيم‎; alternatively transliterated as Banu Taim or Banu Tahim) is a sub-clan of the Quraish tribe, descended from Fihr ibn Malik and Adnan.


The tribe descended from Taym ibn Murrah ibn Ka'b ibn Lu'ayy ibn Ghalib ibn Fihr ibn Malik ibn an-Nadr.

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