Banu al-Akhdari

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Banū al-Akhdari[1][2][3] (in Arabic : بنو الأخضري / banū al-Akẖḍarī, "the Lakhdari Clan") are a Shereefian Arab tribe from Western Arabia. They immigrated during the advent of Islam to Yemen and the region of Rub' al Khali and Hadhramaut and then to the Maghreb more precisely in Algeria with the Banu Maqil tribe from the 7th century. Their descendants bear the surnames "Lakhdari, al-Akhdari and el-Akhdari", they are cousins with the Banu Hashim tribe, Banu Kinanah tribe and the Banu al-Senussi tribe and members of the Quraysh branch.

They are the direct descendants of their common ancestors 'Amr Hashim Ibn' Abd Manaf (in Arabic : عامر هاشم بن عبد مناف) who was the great-grandfather of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad.


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