Banua Wuhu

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Banua Wuhu
Highest point
Elevation −5 m (−16 ft) [1]
Coordinates 3°08′16″N 125°29′26″E / 3.13778°N 125.49056°E / 3.13778; 125.49056Coordinates: 3°08′16″N 125°29′26″E / 3.13778°N 125.49056°E / 3.13778; 125.49056[1]
Location Sangihe Islands, Indonesia
Mountain type Submarine volcano, lava dome[1]
Last eruption July to December 1919[1]

Banua Wuhu submarine volcano rises more than 400 m from the sea floor in the Sangihe Islands of Indonesia. Historical records show that several ephemeral islands were formed and disappeared. A 90 m high island was formed in 1835, but then dwindled to only a few rocks in 1848. A new island was reportedly formed in 1889 and it was 50 m high in 1894. Another new island was formed in 1919 but then disappeared by 1935.[1]

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