Swedish Rail Administration

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Government agency
Successor Swedish Transport Administration
Founded 1988
Defunct 31 March 2010
Headquarters Borlänge, Sweden
Area served
Products Rail infrastructure

The Swedish Rail Administration (Swedish: Banverket) was a government agency that owned and maintained virtually all railway lines in Sweden except many short sidings for freight only. It was formed in 1988 when Statens Järnvägar was split, leaving Statens Järnvägar as mainly a train operator and real estate owner, only to be split again in 2001. Its headquarters were located in Borlänge.

The Swedish Railway Inspectorate (Swedish: Järnvägsinspektionen) was a part of the Swedish Rail Administration until 2004, when the Swedish Rail Agency (Swedish: Järnvägsstyrelsen) was formed, taking over its responsibilities. That agency was in turn incorporated into the newly formed Swedish Transport Agency (Swedish: Transportstyrelsen) in 2009.

In 2010, the agency merged with the Swedish Road Administration (Swedish: Vägverket) to create the new Swedish Transport Administration (Swedish: Trafikverket), and the part responsible for railway maintenance was spun off in a separate corporation, Infranord.

Director Generals[edit]

  • Jan Brandborn 1988-1995
  • Monica Andersson 1995-1997
  • Bo Bylund 1997-2005
  • Per-Olof Granbom 2006-2008
  • Minoo Akhtarzand 2008-2010

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