Banzai Run

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Banzai Run
Release dateMay 1988
SystemWilliams System 11B
DesignPat Lawlor, Larry DeMar
ProgrammingLarry DeMar, Ed Boon
ArtworkMark Sprenger
MechanicsJohn Krutsch
MusicBrian Schmidt
SoundBrian Schmidt
Production run1,750 units (approximate)

Banzai Run is a pinball machine produced by Williams in 1988, and the first machine designed by Pat Lawlor. It has a multi-playfield design, in which the player can play a vertical game on the machine's backglass in addition to the main playfield.

Digital versions[edit]

Banzai Run was formerly available in The Pinball Arcade until June 30, 2018 when WMS license expired and had not been renewed, thus making this DLC table for purchase was removed.

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