Bao Xin

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Bao Xin
General and politician of Han Dynasty
Born 152
Pingyang County, Taishan (present-day Xintai, Shandong)
Died 192 (aged 40)
Traditional Chinese 鮑信
Simplified Chinese 鲍信
Pinyin Bào Xìn
Wade–Giles Pao Hsin
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Bao.

Bao Xin (152–192)[1] was a military general who lived during the late Han Dynasty of China. Initially, he participated in the imperial campaign against the Yellow Turbans along with other regional warlords. After the rise of Dong Zhuo, who usurped the power of the Imperial Court, Bao joined the campaign against Dong Zhuo. During a battle at Sishui Pass, he disobeyed orders from the alliance's leader Yuan Shao and instructed his younger brother, Bao Zhong, to engage the enemy commander Hua Xiong, with around 5,000 armored cavalry. However, the raid failed and Bao Zhong was slain.

Later he served under Xiahou Dun, one of Cao Cao's highest-ranked generals. He was killed in 192 in an assault against one of the Yellow Turban rebels' strongholds in Shouzhang (southwest of present-day Dongping County).[2]


Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Commandant of Cavalry (騎都尉)
  • General Who Routs the Caitiffs (破虜將軍)
  • Chancellor of Jibei (濟北相)

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