Baoris farri

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Paintbrush swift
Baoris farri-Kadavoor-2016-09-06-001.jpg
In Kadavoor
Scientific classification
B. farri
Binomial name
Baoris farri
(Moore, 1878)

Baoris farri, commonly known as the paintbrush swift,[1] is a butterfly belonging to the family Hesperiidae. It is found in India.[1][2][3]


BaorisFarri 825 1 Knight.png

Male and female. Upperside ferruginous-brown, base of both wings olive-brown; cilia yellowish-cinereous: forewing with two pale semi-diaphanous spots at end of the cell, and a discal recurved series of seven spots, the four upper and the seventh smallest, the upper three being contiguous and obliquely before the apex, the sixth below end of cell and the largest. Underside greyer brown in the female: forewing marked as in male, except that the lowest spot is more diffused : hindwing without spots.

Larvae are known to breed on Ochlandra travancorica, Ochlandra scriptoria, Bambusa striata and Bambusa wamin.[5]


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