Baoshan, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°44′34.05″N 120°59′56.77″E / 24.7427917°N 120.9991028°E / 24.7427917; 120.9991028

Baoshan Township
Skyline of Baoshan Township 寶山鄉
Baoshan Township in Hsinchu County
Baoshan Township in Hsinchu County
LocationHsinchu County, Taiwan
 • Total65 km2 (25 sq mi)
(July 2018)
 • Total14,711
 • Density230/km2 (590/sq mi)

Baoshan Township (Chinese: 寶山鄉; pinyin: Bǎoshān Xiāng) is a rural township in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It is ostensibly a suburb of Hsinchu City to the north and west, and is also bounded by Zhudong City to the east, Beipu and Emei Towns to the south, and Miaoli County to the west.


The name Baoshan means "Treasure Mountain" in Mandarin Chinese.


The town is populated predominantly by people of Hakka ethnicity, and is part of "the Greater Daai Area -- the largest Hakka area in northern Taiwan" along with Beipu and Emei. [1] However, recent suburbanization has probably led to a large increase in the proportion of non-Hakka people due to its proximity to Hsinchu City, which is mostly Minnan Taiwanese.

Baoshan is a hilly, semi-mountainous area with an urban and suburban part in the northern part nearest Hsinchu City. A significant and growing part of the Hsinchu Science Park is located in Baoshan. The rest of the town is predominantly agricultural, particularly plentiful in hillside orchards of tangerines and lychee nuts.

  • Area: 64.84 km2 (25.03 sq mi)[1]
  • Population: 14,550 (November 2017)[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 10 villages: Baodou, Baoshan, Daqi, Sanfeng, Shanhu, Shenjing, Shuangxi, Shuangxin, Xincheng and Youtian.[3]


Baoshan Town is also the location of Baoshan Reservoirs (Chinese: 寶山水庫; pinyin: Bǎoshān Shuǐkù) I and II, which supply drinking water to the city of Hsinchu and cooling water to the Science Park's foundries.


A large interchange called Hsinchu System is located here, which is a major junction which connects Freeways No.1 and No.3.


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