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African sandalwood flower 1.jpg
Baphia nitida
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Fabales
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Faboideae
Tribe: Baphieae[1]
Genus: Baphia

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Baphia distribution.svg
Range of the genus Baphia.[2]
  • Baphia sect. Delaria (Desv.) Benth.
  • Bracteolaria Hochst.
  • Carpolobia G. Don
  • Delaria Desv.

Baphia is a small genus of legumes that bear simple leaves.[3] Baphia is from the Greek word βάπτω (báptō-, "to dip" or "to dye"), referring to a red dye that is extracted from the heartwood of tropical species.[3][4] The genus is restricted to the African tropics. Baphia was traditionally assigned to the tribe Sophoreae;[5] however, recent molecular phylogenetic analyses reassigned Baphia to the Baphieae tribe.[1][6][7][8]


Baphia comprises the following species:[2][9][10][11]

Section Alata M.O.Soladoye[edit]

Section Baphia Lodd.[edit]

Series Baphia Lodd.[edit]

Series Contiguinae M.O.Soladoye[edit]

Series Spathaceae M.O.Soladoye[edit]

Section Bracteolaria (Hochst.) Benth.[edit]

Section Longibracteolatae (Lester-Garland) M.O.Soladoye[edit]

Series Chrysophyllae M.O.Soladoye[edit]

  • Baphia burttii Baker f.
  • Baphia chrysophylla Taubert
    • subsp. chrysophylla Taubert
    • subsp. claessensii (De Wild.) Brummitt
  • Baphia cuspidata Taubert
  • Baphia massaiensis Taubert
    • subsp. busseana (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. floribunda Brummitt
    • subsp. gomesii (Baker f.) Brummitt
    • subsp. massaiensis Taubert
    • subsp. obovata (Schinz) Brummitt
      • var. cornifolia (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
      • var. obovata (Schinz) M.O.Soladoye
      • var. whitei (Brummitt) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia speciosa J.B.Gillett & Brummitt

Series Macranthae M.O.Soladoye[edit]

Series Striatae (Lester Garland) M.O.Soladoye[edit]

  • Baphia leptobotrys Harms
    • subsp. leptobotrys Harms
    • subsp. silvatica (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia pilosa Baillon
    • subsp. batangensis (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. pilosa Baillon

Section Macrobaphia Harms emend. M.O.Soladoye[edit]

Incertae Sedis[edit]

Species names with uncertain taxonomic status[edit]

The status of the following species is unresolved:[11]

  • Baphia glauca A. Chev.
  • Baphia longepetiolata Taub.
  • Baphia madagascariensis C.H. Stirt. & Du Puy
  • Baphia megaphylla Breteler
  • Baphia radcliffei Baker f.


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