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Bappa Mazumder
Bappa Mazumder.jpg
Mazumder performing in California (2016)
Background information
Native name
বাপ্পা মজুমদার
Birth nameShubhashish Mazumder Bappa
Born5 February
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation(s)Singer, guitarist, composer
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1992–present
LabelsG-Series, Sangeeta, Soundteck, Girona Bangladesh
Associated actsDalchhut

Bappa Mazumder (Bengali: বাপ্পা মজুমদার) is a singer from Bangladesh, lyricist and composer.[1] Bappa is famous for his Bengali romantic compositions, some of which have been performed with his band, Dalchhut. He is a son of a music couple, the classical maestro Ustad Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder.[2][3][4]

Mazumder has also composed more than a thousand musical numbers for other musicians. In recent times, Bappa has recorded and performed with Fahmida Nabi, (Ek Muthho Gaan). Along with singing, writing and composing, Bappa also has worked as an anchor, namely on The One, a musical talk show on Channel One, a channel that came to a close in 2010. His seventh solo album Din Bari Jaay was released in 1 February 2007, was a massive hit. Eighth solo album Shurjosnane Chol released in 2008, also a hit. ninth solo album Beche Thak Shobuj released in (2012). Tenth solo album Janina Kon Montorey was also a hit, released in 2014). Ek Mutho Gan 2, was released in February 2010.

Early life and career[edit]

Bappa Mazumder brought up in a musical family. As both of his parents were musicians, he did not need to go outside to learn music. He got his early learning from his family. Later he took a five-years course in classical music at Monihar Sangeet Academy, a music school established by Ustad Barin Mazumder. 'However, I don't feel my training in classical music is adequate and that's why I haven't pursued that genre of music' as he mentioned. He came up as a singer for the first time in 1996 with his debut album named "Tokhon Bhor Bela". After that he has released 10 studio albums and produced more than 200 albums, so far. In recent times he shows himself as an anchor in many TV channel.[5][6]

Personal life[edit]

He is the son of musician couple Ustad Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder. He had been married to Mehbooba Mahnoor Chandni, a Bangladeshi model, actress and dancer since 21 March 2008. After 9 years, they got a divorce. He again has been married to Tania Hossain at 21 July 2018 who is an actress and anchor in Bangladeshi media. Bappa Mazumder is a tech-freak, plays computer games and likes to fiddle around with new age technology where music and computer software are concerned. He has a keen interest in photography and is fond of collecting remote controlled helicopters.


Mazumder in 2013

Kothao Keu Nei (1997)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Amar Chokhey Jol Bappa Mazumder Shujat Kobir
Mone Kor Partha Mazumder Partha
Tomar Oi Chokh Fuad Naser Babu Kobir Bokul
Biborno Sriti Bappa Sohel Haque
Bondhu Tumi Bappa Shujat Kobir
Shanto Du'chokh Bappa Sohel Haque
Tara Bhora Raat Sanjeeb Choudhury Sanjeeb
Chhilo Gaan Chhilo Prano Bappa Sanjeeb
A Sanzz Mon Matano Fuad Naser Babu Ahmed Yusuf Saber
Kemon Aso Bappa Reza Akhand
Kothao Keu Nei Bappa Shujat Kobir
Na Bojhiya Mon Basu Basu

Rater Train (1999)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Raater Train Habib Mass Masum
Chhoto Chhoto Obhiman Bappa Sanbeam
Bishwasete Bostu Melay Partha Mazumder Rana
Tumi Nei Bappa Partha
Aadharey Jochhna Hoye Swany Zubaeer Zulfiqar Russell
Kichhu to akta bolo Habib Swany zubaeer
Bhesechhi Partha Mass Masum
Nirobota Bappa Partha
Pakhira Neere Phire Jaay Bappa Mass Masum

Dhulo Pora Cithi (2001)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Dhulo Pora Chithi Bappa Mazumder Mass Masum
Ghum Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Bohudin Por Bappa Sohel Arman
Pori Bappa Rana
Khola Dak Bappa Sanjeeb Choudhury
Prithibi Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Shobdoheen Bappa Mass Masum
Kokhono Icche Hoy Bappa Mass Masum
Bondhu Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Aayna Chiruni Bappa Sohel Arman
Bhalobashi Bappa Rana
Shopno Bappa Zulfiqar Russell

Ko'din Porei Chhuti (2004)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Bokhate noi Bappa Mazumder Zulfiqar Russell
Sara Jibon Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Shopner Jahaj Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Chhuti Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Moner Ghuri Bappa Rana
Ami Nei Bappa Deepan
Shunno Hridoy Bappa Rana
Tumi Kedona Bappa Mass Masum
Shopno Ronger Bappa Deepan
Tumi Achho Tai Bappa Mass Masum
Kheyalipona Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Ai Korchho Oi Korchho Bappa Zulfiqar Russell

Din Bari Jaay (2006)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Din bari jaay Bappa Mazumder Russell O'Neil
Bhebe Bhebe Bappa Deepan
Chander Kona Bappa Bappa
Bokul Bala Bappa Shonkor Shoujal
Kolponogori Bonny Ahmad Tanmoy
Meghe Dhaka Shoshi Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Shonkho Bhalobasha Bappa Rana
Shamanno A Poth Bappa Zulfiqar Russell
Obak Cheye Bappa Shahan Kabondho
Ajana a Kon Bhela Bappa Mass Masum
Nirbasone Jabo Bappa Wahid Ibne Reza
Hote Pare Bappa Ahsan Habib Apon
Bhalobasha Mane Bappa Rana

Shurjosnane Chol (2008)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Shurjosnane Chol Bappa Mazumder Russell O'Neil

Beche Thak Shobuj (2012)[edit]

Song Name Tune lyricist
Ghum Ashe na Bappa Mazumder Bappa
Roder Khora Bappa Shahan Kabondho
Chokheri Jole Bappa Mass Masum
Patthoshuchi Bappa Russell O'Neil
Mon Kharaper Poreo Boney Rana
Labh-Khoti Bappa Joy Shahriar
Aay fiery Aay Bappa Shopneel
Ami Tomar Ke Bappa Indraneel Chattapadhdhy
Megh Hoye Jai Bappa Deepan
Pother Pore Bappa Wajih Rajib
Tumi Robe Nirobe Rabindra Nath Thakur Rabindra Nath Thakur

Janina Kon Montorey (2014)[edit]


Song Name Tune lyricist
Janina Kon Montorey Bappa Mazumder Russell O'Neil
Brishti Ashuk Bappa Shahan Kabondho
Baundule Chithi Bappa Niaz Ahmed Aungshu
Café Hillside Avenue Bappa Abir Alamgir
Ki Kori Bappa Bappa
Ekla Pothik Bappa Robiul Islam Jibon
Bishonnotar Dheu Bappa Joy Shahriar
Kon Tori Bao Bappa Mass Masum
Dhulor Pahar Bappa Shahan Kabondho
Ei Gaanta Bappa Rana
Aamar Bhromon Bappa Sanjeeb Choudhury
The Butterfly (Instrumental) Bappa

He also worked in the album Poroshpor with "Rupankar"

Other projects[edit]

Album Singer lyricist
Sukher Omil Sayera Reza
Shahan Kabondho
Eki Shororey Bappa Mazumder
Zulfiqar Russell
Porospor Samina Chowdhury
Fahmida Nabi
Zulfiqar Russell
Icche Korei Eksathe Bappa Mazumder
Anjan Dutt
Zulfiqar Russell
Abar Pothe Dekha Bappa Mazumder
Anjan Dutt
Zulfiqar Russell
Bappa with the rockers Suman
Shahan Kabondho
Aukaron Elita
Tanvir Shabeeb
U Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb Indranil chattapadhdhy
Ek Mutho Gaan 1 Fahmida Nabi Sanjeeb Chowdhury
Dipto Fayasal
Russell O'Neil
Ek Mutho Gann 2 Fahmida Nabi Zulfiqar Russell


  • Ekta Golpo (2016)


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