Baptisia bracteata

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Baptisia bracteata
Baptisia bracteata leucophaea.jpg
Scientific classification
B. bracteata
Binomial name
Baptisia bracteata

Baptisia bracteata, otherwise known as longbract wild indigo,[1] long-bract wild indigo, long-bracted wild indigo, or cream false indigo, is a perennial herbaceous plant that is native to the central and eastern United States.[1] It is one of the earliest blooming species of Baptisia, beginning to bloom in March in certain areas of the United States.[2] The bloom color ranges from white to creamy yellow.[3] The flower clusters (racemes) spread out sideways or sprawl across the ground, unlike most other Baptisia species, which have vertical racemes. The flowers are visited by bumblebees.[3] The caterpillars of several skippers eat the leaves, including the wild indigo duskywing and hoary edge. The plant is poisonous to mammalian herbivores.[4]


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