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Baptist Press (BP) is the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

BP issues news releases about Southern Baptists, serves as the Convention's press representative, and coordinates news operations for annual meetings of the SBC. BP also provides news service to the 42 state-based SBC papers.


The service was formed at the suggestion of the editors of the state newspapers convention in 1946. Since then, it has grown into the largest religious news service in the United States, based in Nashville, Tennessee. State papers reprint stories and opinion pieces from Baptist Press to inform Baptists in the respective states about the news those editors deem significant for their readers. Recognizing its role to serve the broader evangelical community, Baptist Press seeks to carry stories and report news that is of interest to numerous likeminded evangelical readers.

Baptist Press also provides weekly news and opinion for the Hispanic Baptist community through BPEE (Baptist Press en Español), a separate webpage linked directly to and carried on the front page of BP each Friday.

Baptist Press is supported by contributions from Southern Baptists to the SBC Cooperative Program.

BP Sports[edit]

BP Sports, formed in September 2000, is a division of Baptist Press that provides daily scores and sports features from the 56 colleges and universities affiliated with the SBC.[1]

The service also provides special features on professional athletes and coaches who use their position in sports to promote the Christian faith.


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