Baptiste Trotignon

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Baptiste Trotignon
Born 1974 (age 42–43)
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, composer
Instruments Piano

Baptiste Trotignon (born 1974) is a French jazz pianist and composer.

Life and career[edit]

Trotignon was born near Paris in 1974.[1] He started playing the violin at the age of 6 and the piano three years later.[1] His first solo piano album was 2003's Solo.[1] Trotignon composes music and plays "interpretations of music from Led Zeppelin and [Bob] Dylan to Edith Piaf".[2]

Playing style[edit]

The Daily Telegraph's Ivan Hewett wrote on the originality of Trotignon's style in 2009 that "Any references are only subliminally present in a style that's very much his own. He has certain favourite devices such as rapid-fire repetitions of single notes, and machine-gun alternations of the hands".[3] The Guardian's John Fordham, commenting on a Trotignon duo concert with percussionist Minino Garay stated that the pianist's playing contained "startling chordal exclamations, plaintively romantic lyricism and [...] a collage of liquid lines and stuttering drumlike invitations to his partner".[2]


An asterisk (*) indicates that the year is that of release.

As leader/co-leader[edit]

Year recorded Title Label Personnel/Notes
2003* Solo Naïve Solo piano
2005* Solo II Naïve Solo piano
2009* Share Naïve Some tracks trio, with Baptiste Matt Penman (bass), Otis Brown III and Eric Harland (drums, separately); some tracks quintet, with Mark Turner (sax), Tom Harrell (flugelhorn) added
2010* Suite Naïve Quartet, with Mark Turner (tenor sax), Jeremy Pelt (trumpet), Matt Penman (bass), Eric Harland (drums); on one track, Thomas Bramerie (bass) and Franck Agulhon (drums) replace Penman and Harland
2012* Song Song Song Naïve
2014* Hit Naïve Trio, with Thomas Bramerie (bass), Jeff Ballard (drums)
2016* Chimichurri Okeh Duo, co-led with Minino Garay (cajón, percussion)

As sideman[edit]

Year recorded Leader Title Label
2007* di Battista, StefanoStefano di Battista Trouble Shootin' Blue Note


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