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Bar-Ilan ("son of the trees") is a family name using Jewish-Aramaic patronymics, in this case poetically related to Israeli landscape. Bar-, meaning "son of" in the Aramaic language, is equivalent to the word Ben (in Hebrew: בֶּן‎‎, son of).

People with the surname Bar-Ilan:

Bar-Ilan may also refer to:

  • Bar-Ilan, a university in Ramat-Gan, Israel
  • Bar-Ilan Street, a street in Jerusalem, whose opening on the Sabbath is one of the symbols of the conflict between orthodox and secular Israeli Jews
  • Bar-Ilan Speech, a June 2009 peace address by Benjamin Netanyahu, at Begin–Sadat Center for Strategic Studies within Bar-Ilan University, on the topic of the Middle East peace process
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