Bar/None Records

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Bar/None Records
Founded 1986
Founder Tom Prendergast
Glenn Morrow
Distributor(s) ADA
Genre Alternative rock
Indie rock
Country of origin United States
Location Hoboken, New Jersey
Official website

Bar/None Records is an independent record label based in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Early history[edit]

Tom Prendergast started Bar/None in early 1986, having previously worked in pirate radio and booked and promoted bands in his native Ireland, Prendergast moved to Hoboken in 1982.

The first release on Bar/None was by Rage to Live, whose leader, Glenn Morrow, soon became a partner in the label. Morrow had already built a network of contacts in the alternative music community having toured nationally with his previous band, The Individuals, and had also worked in the A&R department of Warner Bros. and as the managing editor of New York Rocker magazine.

The Bar/None debut album of They Might Be Giants sold more than 100,000 copies and their follow-up, Lincoln, more than doubled those sales.

Other artists that started on Bar/None and went on to the major record labels include Luka Bloom, Yo La Tengo (Atlantic/Matador), Freedy Johnston (Elektra) and Tindersticks (London/PolyGram).

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