Bar 7

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Bar 7
Origin Sacramento, California
Genres Hard rock
Years active 1996–2000
Associated acts Tesla
Members Jeff Keith
Tommy Skeoch
Ray Hinkley
Steve Smith
Denis Bostok

Bar 7 was a hard rock/blues band formed by Jeff Keith and Tommy Skeoch, both of Tesla fame.[1]


After going into hiatus with Tesla in 1996, lead vocalist Jeff Keith and guitarist Tommy Skeoch, who just became sober, wanted to continue playing music on their own, somehow continuing the line of hard rock/blues Tesla brought in.

They recruited former Reinkus Tide member from Los Angeles, guitar player Ray Hinkley, and former Flame members bassist Steve Smith and drummer Denis Bostok. One album was released, The World Is a Freak, in 2000 by Sindrome Records.

Originally named Sofa King, they played over 200 shows before deciding on changing the name to Bar 7 in 1999. Another former Tesla member, Frank Hannon, replaced Skeoch briefly after the release of their only album. But after a couple months separation, the original members of Tesla worked out their differences and reunited, thus ending Bar 7.