Bar Juchne

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Bar Juchne
Grouping Local legend
Sub grouping Bird
Country Middle East
Region Uncertain
Habitat Uncertain

Bar Juchne or Bar-Yuchnei is a colossal legendary bird from Jewish mythology which was believed to have a wingspan large enough to block out the sun.

The first mention of the creature comes from the Talmud (Bekhorot, fol. 57 col. 2)[1] which tells of a Bar Juchne egg falling from its nest and destroying 300 cedars and flooding 60 villages/cities.[2] The Talmud says of the event: 'The question therefore arose, "Does the bird generally throw out its eggs?" Rav Ashi replied, "No; that was a rotten one."'[1]

It is said that it would be roasted, along with Leviathan and Behemoth, and served at a banquet for the Children of Israel at the coming of the Messiah.[3]

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