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Several people lined up alongside a bar in a small area with fake wood paneling. Behind the bar, on the right, a bartender pours a drink for one of them.
Bar car on Metro-North's New Haven Line on last day of operations

A bar car is a train car that has as its primary purpose the provision and consumption of alcoholic and other beverages.

In the United States[edit]

Bar cars were common during the heyday of U.S. rail travel prior to World War II. However, since May 2014 there are no bar cars left (not including Amtrak's full-service dining cars and snack cars).

Former services[edit]

As of April 2010, the Metro-North Railroad has not committed to replacing the 1970s-era cars now used by commuters from Manhattan to Connecticut, when the new M-8 cars are rolled out during 2010. The M-8 was designed by Cesar Vergara, a train designer from Ridgefield, Connecticut, who also provided a design for a modern bar car.[1] The last bar cars were retired in May 2014.[2]

Formerly, a bar car service (officially, "refreshment car") ran on 3 of Chicago's Metra lines: the Milwaukee District/North Line, the Milwaukee District/West Line, and the Rock Island District line.[3] The last service was on August 29, 2008, when the last contracts expired.[4]

In Canada[edit]

Canadian National Railways's Rapido service from Toronto to Montreal, for a brief time during the late 1960s and 1970s, had what was known as a "Bistro" car. In the "Bistro" car, piano entertainment accompanied the service of alcohol beverage in special coaches configured for the purpose with their windows obscured to prevent platform patrons from observing the festivities and to create a low light environment.[5]

Contemporary services on Via Rail include complimentary unlimited alcoholic beverages served at your seat in Business Class on Corridor trains. Alcoholic beverages are available for at-seat purchase/service in Economy Class on all remote services trains. On long-distance trains such as The Canadian and The Ocean, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase in the Skyline, Park, and Dining Cars. Service to Prestige Class passengers is complimentary.

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