Bar massacre

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Bar massacre
Location Bar, Montenegro, Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia
Date 24–27 March 1945
Target Kosovo Albanians
Attack type
Deaths 400–450 to 1,500–2,000
Perpetrators Yugoslav Partisans

The Bar massacre (Albanian: Masakra e Tivarit) was the 1945 killing of 400–2,000 Albanians in Bar by Yugoslav Partisans during World War II.

The victims were Albanian recruits from Kosovo, who were supposed[clarification needed] to fight the retreating Wehrmacht. Their Yugoslav commanders collected them together, disarmed them and let them walk, in three different groups, from Prizren to Bar by the route Prizren–Zhur–Kukës–Puk–Shkodër–Bar in Northern Albania.

The recruits were mistreated while on the way and when they arrived in Bar, they were executed[why?] by their Yugoslav guards.[1]


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Coordinates: 42°06′N 19°06′E / 42.1°N 19.1°E / 42.1; 19.1