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A bar review is a series of classes that most law school graduates attend prior to taking a bar examination. Common examples include Barbri, BarPlus Bar Review, Esqyr, Kaplan PMBR, Marino Bar Review, Preliminary Multistate Bar Review, Rigos Bar Review, and The majority of bar review courses offer classroom based instruction for both the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) as well as the state specific portions of the exam administered in each state. However, growing subset of bar review courses are offering online only, or app based learning. For example: BarMax, Esqyr, LegalThree Review offer several options for law students who wish to study at their own pace. Recently traditional bar review courses have expanded their online only offerings as well as offering shorter, condensed reviews such as the Two Day Bar Exam Cram Session for examinees who are unable to attend traditional bar review courses.

A variety of other companies, such as Supreme Bar Review,Law Preps LLC,AdaptiBar, and e-BarReview offer individualized instruction focused on the bar applicant's specific needs, through the use of tutoring, small group instruction and online test preparation. Some companies, such as Pieper New York-Multistate Bar Review, Ltd, BarWrite and BarWrite Press, and Esqyr, offer study guides on the essays and MPT and small group courses, and the former Richmond Bar Review (Virginia) have often offered more accurate state-specific reviews of the essay portions, which concern solely specific state law, which differs in certain way from state to state. uses professor-created materials and a special algorithm to customize the training each student receives to their own needs.

Many of these bar review companies have begun offering their instructional materials in new media formats, such as smartphone applications and e-books, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience for students.