Baraba steppe

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Baraba steppe as seen from the window of the Trans-Siberian railway.
Map of Western Siberia. The Baraba steppe is in the south.

The Baraba steppe, also known as Barabinsk steppe, Barabinskaya steppe (Russian: Бара́бинская ни́зменность, Бара́бинская степь), is a grassland steppe and wooded flat plain situated in western Siberia.[1]

The steppe has an area of 117,000 km² and stretches between the Irtysh and the Ob Rivers. Barabinsk is the largest city on the steppe. The Baraba steppe also contains an important Russian agricultural district.

Lake Chany is located in the Baraba steppe.[1]

Coordinates: 55°42′N 78°00′E / 55.7°N 78.0°E / 55.7; 78.0See also[edit]


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