Barabashov (crater)

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Map showing location of Barabashov Crater and other nearby craters.
RegionArcadia quadrangle
Coordinates47°42′N 68°48′W / 47.7°N 68.8°W / 47.7; -68.8Coordinates: 47°42′N 68°48′W / 47.7°N 68.8°W / 47.7; -68.8
Diameter121 km
EponymNikolai P. Barabashov
MOLA and CTX image of Barabashov Crater

Barabashov is an impact crater in the Arcadia quadrangle of Mars, located at 47.7°N latitude and 68.8°W longitude. It is 121 km in diameter and was named after Soviet astronomer Nikolai P. Barabashov; the name was approved in 1973.[1]

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