Baragaon, Nalanda

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Country  India
State Bihar
District nalanda
 • Official Maithili, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Baragaon is a village in Nalanda District of Bihar state. It is 2 kilometers from Nalanda Railway station toward north-west direction. It is famous for its unique Chhath Puja celebrations. There is a big pond in the village where Chhath Puja has been performed by the native and nearby villagers and from all over the state, mainly from North Bihar. There is a big ancient temple of God Surya (Sun temple). People pray god Surya mainly at the time of Chhath Puja. Chhath Puja celebrated twice in the year in the months of Chaitya (March–April) and Kartik (October–November). After the completion of the great Chhatha Puja people distributed prasad of Chhatha Puja among people who accompanies the Puja. Special pujas to God Surya has been performed by the people of villages every Sunday.

The significance of the place is also because this is the place where most of the prominent religions of India is represented, whether it is Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, or Muslim all have got representation at this place. The Kundalpur is termed as the birthplace of Lord Mahavira by the Great Learned Saints of Jainism of Digambar Sect. It has also got the special temple for Swetamber Sect of Jainism. For the Buddhist, Bargaon has got the special position as all around its place there are several Buddhist sites important for its religious value. As mentioned above, the Sun Temple has got much value for Hindues, as its importance is also mentioned in Puranas.


According to Sir Alexander Cunningham (1871) 'the remains at Baragaon are the ruins of Nalanda, the most famous Buddhist seat of learning in all India'.


Sir Alexander Cunningham, Four reports made during 1862-63-64-65, Volume 1, Archaeological Survey of India, Simla, 1871.

Coordinates: 25°08′05″N 85°25′55″E / 25.1348°N 85.4320°E / 25.1348; 85.4320