Barajas (Madrid)

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District of Madrid
San Pedro church
San Pedro church
Location of Barajas
Country Spain Spain
Aut. community Flag of the Community of Madrid.svg Madrid
Municipality Escudo de Madrid.png Madrid
 • Total 42.66 km2 (16.47 sq mi)
Population 43,423
 • Density 1,017/km2 (2,630/sq mi)
Madrid district number 21

Barajas is the name of a district belonging to the city of Madrid, Spain.



The district is administratively divided into 5 wards (Barrios):


Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is located in the district.

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Coordinates: 40°28′13″N 3°35′06″W / 40.47028°N 3.58500°W / 40.47028; -3.58500