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Baraka or Barakah may refer to:

  • Berakhah or Baraka, in Judaism, a blessing usually recited during a ceremony
  • Barakah or Baraka, in Islam, the beneficent force from God that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres
  • Baraka, full ḥabbat al-barakah, a.k.a. Nigella sativa, a spice with purported health benefits



  • Ajamu Baraka (born 1953), human rights activist and 2016 candidate for Vice President of the United States
  • Amiri Baraka (1934–2014), American writer
  • Ras J. Baraka (born 1970), American politician and current mayor of Newark, New Jersey
  • Al-Said Barakah (1260–1280), Mamluk Sultan
  • Barack Obama, Sr. (1934–1982), born Baraka Obama, father of U.S. President Barack Obama
  • Umm Ayman, a female companion of Muhammad



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