Baraki Barak

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Baraki Barak
Baraki Barak is located in Afghanistan
Baraki Barak
Baraki Barak
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 33°58′9″N 68°56′41″E / 33.96917°N 68.94472°E / 33.96917; 68.94472Coordinates: 33°58′9″N 68°56′41″E / 33.96917°N 68.94472°E / 33.96917; 68.94472
Country  Afghanistan
Province Logar Province
Elevation 6,293 ft (1,918 m)
 • Total 22,622
Time zone UTC+4:30

Baraki Barak is a town and the center of Baraki Barak District, Logar Province, Afghanistan. It was also the former capital of Logar Province. The town is in a mountainous area in the valley of the Logar River.[1] The main road Ghazni-Kabul passes about 20 km to the West of the town.


Baraki Barak has historically been home to the Burki/Baraki/Ormuri (known outside Afghanistan as the "Burki") and to other Pashtuns and Tajiks. The town is named after the Baraki people, some of whom still speak the Baraki language; they live to the northwest and west of the town, and also inside the town.

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