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Barangay 143
Barangay 143 cover art.jpg
Official cover art for the series.
バランガイ 143
(Barangai 143)
GenreSports, Drama
Anime television series
Directed byJyotirmoy Saha
Produced byJyotirmoy Saha
Bernard Chong
Jackeline Chua
TV Asahi
Written byKatski Flores
StudioASI Studios
TV Asahi
Licensed by
Synergy88 Entertainment
August Media Holdings
Original networkGMA Network
Original run October 21, 2018[1] – present
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Barangay 143 (Japanese: バランガイ 143, Hepburn: Barangai 143) is an anime television series currently airing on GMA Network. It premiered on October 21, 2018 nationwide on GMA Network and worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV, and will comprise 26 episodes. Produced by ASI Animation Studios and TV Asahi, the series is a collaboration between the Philippines' Synergy88 and Singapore's August Media Holdings, with assistance from Japan's TV network TV Asahi.

The series features voice roles from a Filipino ensemble cast: including Migo Adecer, Julie Anne San Jose, Ruru Madrid, Kelley Day, John Arcilla, Edu Manzano, and Cherie Gil. Its plot revolves around a group of high-school street basketball players in Manila.[3][4]


Two years ago, Roberto "Coach B" Sebastián, Sr. 's son, Roberto "Basti" Sebastián, Jr., was killed by a gunman from a large syndicate which brought down the Barangay 143's Powerhouse team and led to today's events. Recently, Bren Park lost his family in a tragic accident during a snowstorm and led him to quitting basketball. However, a revelation that he was his mother's child to another man from the Philippines caused Bren to go to Manila to search for his true father and identity. Bren joins the team to find a family and home among the misfits while seeking his identity; and for Coach B, justice for his son and his second family, the Puzakals of Barangay 143


Joaquín "Wax" Rivera is voiced by Ruru Madrid.
Sophia Rivera is voiced by Cherie Gil.
Bren T. Park
Voiced by: Migo Adecer[5]
A former Korea National Basketball Team member, who emigrated to Philippines on order to fulfill his parent's will.
Vicky (Victoria Sebastián)
Voiced by: Julie Anne San Jose[5]
Wax (Joaquín Rivera)
Voiced by: Ruru Madrid[5]
Jinri Choi
Voiced by: Kelley Day[5]
Coach B (Roberto "Bobby" Sebastián, Sr.)
Voiced by: John Arcilla[6]
Commissioner Jack Rivera ("Jumping" Jack Rivera)
Voiced by: Edu Manzano
Sophia Rivera
Voiced by: Cherie Gil
Voiced by: Paolo Contis
Voiced by: Raver Eda
Dara T. Park
Voiced by: Kendra Kramer
Tita Baby (Kapitana Baby Dela Cruz)
Voiced by: Lorna Tolentino[7]
Ipe Aguilar
Voiced by: Kimpoy Feliciano
Voiced by: Gabbi Garcia
Yumi's Mom
Voiced by: Teresa Loyzaga
Batang Sophia
Voiced by: Cheska Garcia
Danny "Dandoy" Chan
Voiced by: Gary Lim
Jugo Sikat
Voiced by: Archie Alemania
Batang Commissioner (Young "Jumping" Jack Rivera)
Voiced by: Doug Kramer
Coach Caloy
Voiced by: Jaime Fabregas




Quezon City-based ASI Studios,[6] a joint venture between Filipino firm Synergy88 and Singaporean company August Media Holdings is the production company behind Barangay 143.[8]

TV Asahi is responsible for Barangay 143's direction as well as coming up with character designs for the series. ASI Studios wrote the script and lead the production of the series.[3][9]

It is described by the producers as a "360-degree concept" and a story of love, hubris, drama, crime and basketball.[4][10]

The anime series is initially produced in Tagalog[4] by a "celebrity cast"[11]

In July 2018, the voice cast were announced, along with a new release date and a television network to air to.[12]

Broadcast and distribution[edit]

Barangay 143 is primarily targeted towards the youth/young-adult market of the Philippines and is planned to be released in other Southeast Asian countries as well. Aside from Tagalog, Barangay 143 will also have and English-language release.[13] It was first reported to air in the Philippines in Spring 2017.[3][9][11] In July 2018, the series is announced to air on GMA Network in October 2018.[12]

It is yet to be announced if the series is to be broadcast in Japan.[14]

TV Asahi and August Rights, August Media Holdings' distribution arm will be responsible for the international distribution of the anime.[11]


According to AGB Nielsen Philippines' Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement People in Television Homes, the pilot episode of Barangay 143 earned a 4.4% rating.[15]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1"Mr. Unstoppable"October 21, 2018 (2018-10-21)
Coach B (Roberto "Bobby" Sebastián, Sr.) visits the grave of his son, Basti (Roberto "Basti" Sebastián, Jr.) who was slain by a gun for hire two years before the first game of the season for Barangay 143's Basketball Team, the Puzakals. He mentioned that a new player will be coming soon to their aid. However, the Puzakals fought Barangay 369's Oso Negros without him and it resulted to failures that lead to an embarrassing loss for Barangay 143. Meanwhile Bren Park travels to the Philippines, and while on travel he reminiscence the tragedies that happened to him, especially the defeat of the Korean National Team, the death of most of the Park family due to a car accident that happened during the game due to an ongoing snowstorm, and the planned takeover of their business partners on the Park family's share on the Supermarket business.
2"The Truth about You"October 28, 2018 (2018-10-28)
After the death of the Park family following an accident due to the Snowstorm that hit Korea during the game, Bren attended the funeral services for his family. He was also being told not only to sell his share to the supermarket business, but also to sell his insurance and the house mortgage so that he could continue his education. He was then given a last will and testament for him and for a former family employee and his former nanny, Baby Dela Cruz. Days after fixing his things and before leaving Korea, he played his last game where they were defeated by the Chinese National Team by a point, quitted the National Team, committed a suicide attempt through a vehicular accident by being hit over by a delivery van, and vowed never to play the sport. After the game, he went to the Family Grave where he met Lee Sandara, Dara's godmother and Park Yumi's childhood friend, who revealed that his identity as a Korean Filipino since his biological father was not really Park Jinho through his Mother's Love letter in Filipino. He arrived at Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines and went directly to his former nanny's house who became the current Ward Captain of Barangay 143. Meanwhile, Vicky was running errands and recruiting potential team members and she was got hit by the car of Wax's teammate at one of the Barangay's intersecting streets. The next day he was accidentally awakened by a ball that entered the house from the early morning Puzakals' training in which Vicky attempted to retrieve it that led to an accidental meeting with Bren once more.
3"Welcome To Korea"November 4, 2018 (2018-11-04)
During the night when Bren arrived back to the Philippines, Barangay 38's Green Monkeys had a practice for an upcoming match. An unnamed person watched the practice and gave a lollipop to the Coach's daughter. The guy then revealed his intention in making the team subscribe again to Match fixing for its upcoming, game and their Coach commanded the captain that the training is already finished and to take his daughter to school and rejects the proposal. The blackmailer then said that a certain person would be angry and later, he proceeded to a car giving a bagful of money. The next day Bren was awakened by accident and saw Vicky and greeted her. However, she was angry to Bren which provoked some of the Puzakals attempting to punch Bren yet this was stopped by Kapitana Baby who wondered what happened in Korea. It was revealed that 2 years ago when they were both in Middle School, Bren was part of the Korean Delegation and Team for the Asian Youth Goodwill Hoops hosted by Korea and Vicky was from the Filipino Delegation and Team for the said event. They accidentally met the first time due to Bren was rushing to the nearest toilet and Vicky took an offer of Ice Cream. He bumped on her, spilling the ice cream on her face and asking sorry on which she didn't accept. He later greeted her "Welcome to Korea!". On a Finals Match, the Filipino Youth National Team is ahead of the Korean Youth National Team, and she was cheering for the Philippines and saw him on court then resorted to jeering Korea. Korea won by a point after he pased through Wax's defense. Later at an Incentive Dinner Event, Vicky received her brother's Valour Award and Final Buzzer due to his untimely death. After the dinner, Bren was supposed to see Vicky but bumped on to Wax who called him "engot" (which means "stupid" in Filipino) and thought it means friend whereas he was made a fool for lack of knowledge in Filipino. He saw her practicing shooting in a trash bin by using pebbles. Since he wanted to be friends with her, he accidentally called her a fool instead of a friend which she angrily corrects and they had a competition where he lost to Vicky and admitted that he is a big fan of Basti. On their field trip at Nami Island, Bren treated her with an Ice Cream as a compromise since he lost. The next days in Korea, Bren courted her and gifted her with several packages with ultimately confessing to her at Seoul station but they did not meet again. Later, Kapitana opened her Carinderia and Bren asked her permission to go to the Sari-sari store (Filipino-style Convenience Store) and she reluctantly agreed due to his safety and naïvete since he was almost got hit by a pedicab. He went out and met drunkards on which he was protected by a kid nicknamed Buchoy. He asked Buchoy to guide him to the convenience store that ends up in busting him that he will attempt to court again Vicky.
4"Tapsing Koreano"November 11, 2018 (2018-11-11)
Bren asked Buchoy to go where Vicky went which is the Barangay's Baskteball Arena. They met again each on which Vicky owed Bren an explanation on which Buchoy mistakenly interpreted as a lover's quarrel yet at the end of the day, Bren was frustrated did not got an answer from Vicky. This prompted Buchoy to play with him Basketball in a vacant lot which he rejected. Meanwhile, Coach B meets Detective Ramirez and discussed about a syndicate's involvement on his son's death and that person involved was revealed as Danny "Dandoy" Chan, a Chinese Filipino who barely speak Philippine Hokkien well. The next day, Bren was jogging around Barangay 143 and was almost got hit by Wax's sports car. Wax and Bren meet each other again which the latter first apologised and recognised the former for playing a prank back then in Korea. Due to his anger after being called as "Mister Engot" after meeting Bren, he went back home and played basketball in which lost against his father, Commissioner Jack Rivera. Meanwhile, Vicky recruited Bugsy to their team as their captain. After jogging, he helped his former nanny in her Tapsilog Carinderia's business by cooking and adding the Bibimbap to their menu which gained popularity for the Carinderia and was dubbed as "Tapsing Koreano" (Korean Tapsilog). In the evening, Lee Sandara send more packages that Bren left in Korea and reminded to make Philippines his home, just what like she did to Kenya where she is a University Professor. As the days passed by, Bren continued to help in the Tapa Carinderia which end up having long queues due to its popularity. It was then noticed by Coach B the potential of Bren in being as a member of the Barangay's basketball team during his cooking but was cut short when he was notified that Vicky and Bugsy were detained at the Tondo Police Station by a Police Operation when they were about to pass the PIBA Application Form for him. Vicky was then bailed out of the jail and it was revealed that Bugsy was a pickpocket. It was revealed that Wax bailed Vicky out due to her father. Coach B then replayed the KOR vs. PHI match from 2 years ago and decided to recruit Bren which Vicky thought that it was a bad idea due to her personal relationship with him, but Coach B was certain since he lives and works with Kapitana Baby. Bren had a nightmare during his siesta which Kapitana Baby woke him and reminded to unpack a package from Korea. While unpacking, he saw a picture of his mother with several men from 18 years ago.
5"...with Basketball on the Side"November 18, 2018 (2018-11-18)
6"TBA"November 25, 2018 (2018-11-25)

Other media[edit]

Prior to the release of the anime, a mobile game entitled, Barangay Basketball was released to iTunes and the Google Play Store. The game revolves around Wax, a son of a former star player, who is eager to prove that he is a player on his own right and undergoes training under the four basketball masters of Barangay 143.[16][17] The mobile game serves as a prequel to Barangay 143. The game was also nominated for the People’s Choice Award category of the International Mobile Gaming Awards for Southeast Asia.[18]

In October 2016, August Media Holdings announced that a subscription game with a telecommunications company will be launched soon.[4]

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