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Barb or BARB may refer to:

  • A backward-facing point on a fish hook or similar implement, rendering extraction from the victim's flesh more difficult
  • Wind barbs for each station on a map of reported weather conditions
  • Barb (feather), the branches issuing from the rachis of feathers
  • Barb (fish), common name for a range of freshwater fish
  • Barb (horse), a breed from North Africa
  • Barb (pigeon), a breed of domestic pigeon
  • Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, compiles television ratings in the United Kingdom.
  • Barb, a shortened version of Barbara (given name)
  • Barding or barb, a type of armor for horses
  • Australian Kelpie or barb, a breed of dog
  • A type of pipe fitting called barb, used to connect hosing (the ridges face backward, making insertion easy and removal difficult)
  • Barb, a shortened version of barbiturate, a drug that acts as a depressant for the central nervous system
  • USS Barb, the name of two submarines of the US Navy
  • Barb, a term used by Nicki Minaj's fans to refer to themselves
  • Barb, a character in the 2016 Netflix series Stranger Things
  • Berkeley Barb or The Barb, an underground newspaper of the late 1960s

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