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Bajan cuisine is a mixture of African, Indian, Irish, Creole and British influences. A typical meal consists of a main dish of meat or fish, normally marinated with a mixture of herbs and spices, hot side dishes, and one or more salads. The meal is usually served with one or more sauces. [1]

The national dish of Barbados is Cou-Cou and fried Flying Fish with spicy gravy.[2] Another traditional meal is "Pudding and Souse" a dish of pickled pork with spiced sweet potatoes.[3] A wide variety of seafood and meats are also available.

Main courses[edit]

Hot Sides[edit]



Lighter Meals[edit]

Cassava Pone, kind of Savoury Cassava cake


Banks beer brewery

Foreign Food in Barbados[edit]

American staples such as pizza, Hot Dogs and burgers are fairly common, as are British fish and chips. Chinese, Indian, and Thai dishes are available in the main towns. A few Mexican and Brazilian restaurants are available on the South Coast. There are upmarket sushi restaurants in or near large resorts.


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