Barbados Community College

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Barbados Community College
Motto Many Studies - One Brotherhood
Type Community College
Established 1968
Principal Gladstone A. Best
Location St. Michael, BarbadosWest Indies
Campus 'Eyrie' Campus, Industry Services Unit, The Hospitality Institute
Sports Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Futsal, Netball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Road Tennis, Tennis

The Barbados Community College is a tertiary institution located on Eyrie Howells' Road, St. Michael, Barbados.[1]


Founded in 1968, the Barbados Community College came to be as a result of an Act of Parliament aimed at making post secondary education more accessible to the Barbadian public. In 1990, the Act of Parliament was amended to allow for the following designations to be conferred upon students after the completion of the relevant program: Bachelor's degrees, Associate degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Prior to this act, these degrees were available only at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.

Current make-up[edit]

Today, the college has grown in response to the developmental needs of the country.[2] The Principal of the college is Dr. Gladstone Best, who was appointed in 2004. The college has a bookshop, a library and a health clinic.[3]

College radio[edit]

The college opened a radio station with the goal of allowing students studying mass communication to gain broadcasting experience. The college's radio station has a 20-watt transmitter reaching a six-mile radius. The radio station is a student operated initiative and aims to offer a combination of talk radio and campus news.


In developing the full, human potential of each student, the college aims to achieve the following;

  • Providing high quality education through the formation of a positive and supportive environment in which learning takes place.
  • Preparing students for meaningful participation in society as responsible citizens who are fully aware of their mutual rights, duties and obligations.
  • Providing students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude for productive work in the community
  • Encouraging among students, a wide range of cultural activities and constructive use of leisure time
  • Developing among students, an interest in maintaining sound health and physical fitness
  • Developing among students, the skills and abilities needed for effective communication
  • Fostering an awareness and appreciation of moral and spiritual values.
  • Promoting education as a continuing lifelong experience.
  • Fostering a sense of community service among students and staff.[4]

Programmes of study[edit]


The following Arts programmes are awarded Major's in associate degrees upon completion: accounting, economics, law, government and political studies

The following Applied Arts programmes offering an associate degree in applied arts include business studies, marketing, finance, public sector management, office management and administration

Certificate courses offered in the division of commerce include paralegal studies, private secretary's diploma, court reporting, mutual funds[5]

Fine arts[edit]

Bachelor’s degree in fine arts division include studio art and graphic design.

Majors in associate degree in fine arts programme include fashion design, theatre arts, music, visual arts, and dance.

Certificate courses in fine arts include fashion, and interior decorating.

Short courses are offered in fine arts including painting and drawing, computer graphics, art appreciation, beginners pottery, and advanced pottery.[6]

General and continuing education[edit]

Majors in associate degree in applied arts include mass communication, psychology, and social work.[7]

Hospitality institute[edit]

Areas of study within the hospitality institute include hospitality and tourism management, culinary arts, hospitality studies, tourism and travel, catering, and 'The Homemaker Programme'.

Part-time programmes offered include bar & wine services, basic desserts & pastries, basic housekeeping procedures, basic trade cookery, caribbean tourism, food & beverage controls, food & beverage management, food & beverage service, hotel reception & sales procedures, basic & advanced cake decoration, marketing of hospitality services, supervisory housekeeping procedures, supervisory management, and airport operations.[8]

Physical education[edit]

The degree offered in this division is an associate degree in Sport Management.

Language center[edit]

Associate degree programmes offered include French for business & tourism, German for business & tourism, Italian for business & tourism, Spanish for business & tourism, French with themes, and Spanish with themes.

Non-associate degree programmes include English as a foreign language, beginner's conversational, intermediate conversational and specialized programmes in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

General conversation evening programmes are offered in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.[9]

Computer studies[edit]

Long-term courses include:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Education (Technical/Vocational Education)
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Technical Vocational Education
  • Associate degree in Arts/Science (Information Technology Major)
  • Associate degree in Applied Science (Computer Studies)
  • Certificate in Information Technology

Certificate courses offered include multimedia applications, visual basic, computer communications and networking, C and C++ programming, web page authoring, data warehousing, and database and management design.[10]

Health Sciences[edit]

Associate degrees offered include environmental health inspection, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, general nursing, and health information management.

Diploma level courses include midwifery, public health administration, shortened registered nursing, shortened mental health nursing, meat and other foods.

Certificate level courses include pre-health sciences, nursing assistants, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians.[11]

Liberal arts[edit]

Associate degrees offered include literatures in English, geography, history, and sociology.

Certificate courses offered include librarianship.[12]

Natural sciences[edit]

Associate degrees offered include agriculture, biology, chemistry, environmental science, mathematics, and physics.

See also[edit]

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