Barbados Community College

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Barbados Community College
Motto Many Studies - One Brotherhood
Type Community College
Established 1968
Principal Dr. Ian Austin
Location St. Michael, Barbados
Campus 'Eyrie' Campus, Industry Services Unit, The Hospitality Institute
Nickname BCC
Sports Athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, futsal, netball, volleyball, table tennis, road tennis, tennis

The Barbados Community College is a tertiary institution located on Eyrie Howells' Road, St. Michael, Barbados.[1]


Founded in 1968, the Barbados Community College came to be as a result of an Act of Parliament aimed at making post secondary education more accessible to the Barbadian public. In 1990, the Act of Parliament was amended to allow for the following designations to be conferred upon students: Bachelor's degrees, Associate degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Prior to this act, these degrees were available only at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.


Presently, the principal of the Barbados Community College is Dr. Ian Austin, who was appointed in February 2016 in response to the passing of the formal principal, Norma Holder.[2] Dr. Ian Austin is a Barbadian who holds both a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies and an MBA in Finance from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He also holds a Diploma of Education in Post Graduate Teaching and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. In addition to his position at the Barbados Community College, he acts as the Deputy Director of Continuing and Professional Education at the University of West Indies Open Campus.[3] The Barbados Community College is run with the assistance of Deputy Principal Dr. Cheryl Weekes and Registrar Mr. Roger Worrell.


The Barbados Community College offers programs in a variety of divisions and departments.

  • Commerce
  • Computer Studies
  • Liberal Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Natural Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • General and Continuing Education
  • Technology
  • Languages
  • Industry Services
  • Physical Education
  • Hospitality

GED Radio 106.1FM[edit]

The college's radio station, Radio GED, gives students of mass communication broadcasting experience. The station has a 20-watt transmitter reaching a six-mile radius. The radio station is a student operated initiative and offers a combination of talk radio and campus news.

Students Guild[edit]

The Barbados Community College Student Guild Council is responsible for representing the Barbados Community College’s student body, known as the Student Guild.[4] The Student Guild Council mainly consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Quartermaster. As of late 2016, these positions are filled by Brian Pereira-Donawa, Kobie Broomes, Ben Clausi, Rhea Ramsay and Caitlin McKeever, respectively.

The Student Guild Council is elected each academic year through a college-wide election, usually held in the College’s library.

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