Barbados Independence Act 1966

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Barbados Independence Act 1966
Long title An Act to make provision for, and in connection with, the attainment by Barbados of fully responsible status within the Commonwealth.
Citation 1966 c. 37
Royal assent 17 November 1966
Status: Current legislation
Text of statute as originally enacted
Revised text of statute as amended

The Barbados Independence Act 1966 (c. 37) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that granted independence to Barbados with effect from 30 November 1966. The Act also provided for the granting of a new constitution to take effect upon independence, which was done by the Barbados Independence Order 1966.

As a result of the Act, Barbados became the fourth English-speaking country in the West Indies to achieve full independence from the United Kingdom. (Behind: Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and British Guiana) At the time of independence, Barbados also became a member of the voluntary grouping known as the British Commonwealth of Nations as a Commonwealth realm.

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