Barbados Stock Exchange

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Barbados Stock Exchange
Barbados Stock Exchange-1.jpg
Type Stock exchange
Location Bridgetown, Barbados
Founded 1987
Key people Marlon Yarde (CEO)/(GM)
Currency Barbados dollar
No. of listings 21
Market cap BD$8.7 billion (Nov 2010)[1]
Indices Local
Cross listed
Junior market

The Barbados Stock Exchange or BSE is Barbados' main stock exchange. Its headquarters are in the capital-city Bridgetown. The body was established in 1987 by the Parliament of Barbados as the Securities Exchange of Barbados (SEB), and remained known as such until August 2, 2001


The body was established in 1987 by the Parliament of Barbados as a statutory body under CAP. 318A, Section 44 of the Securities Exchange Act (1982). Under this original charter it was constituted as the Securities Exchange of Barbados (SEB), and remained known as such until August 2, 2001 when Parliament repealed and replaced the prior act with an updated charter under The Securities Act 2001–3

Since July 4, 2001 the BSE has operated under a fully electronic trading utilizing the Order routing method. The electronic system succeeds the manual system, which comprised an open auction outcry method of trading.

Although it was given effect by Parliament, the BSE functions as a not-for-profit organisation which is privately owned (by its Members). Authority is vested in a Board of Directors, which is chaired by the General Manager.

The Barbados Stock Exchange is among the four major regional Caribbean stock exchanges. The other three being the exchanges of Jamaica, the Eastern Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago. The BSE is the third largest stock exchange in the Caribbean region. The BSE along with officials from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago are working to integrate these stock exchanges into a single unit known as the Caribbean Exchange Network (CXN)[2][3] The Trinidad and Tobago exchange has mooted the establishment of some form of association with the U.S. or Canadian based stock exchanges going forward.[4]

As of 2009, officials at the stock exchange were investigating the possibility of augmenting the local exchange with an International Securities Market (ISM) venture.[5]

As of 2010, BSE was one of twenty-seven correspondent members of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).[6]

Buildings and locations[edit]

The BSE was located at the 5th Floor of the Tom Adams Financial Centre; prior to relocating to 1st Floor, of Carlisle House on Hincks Street in Bridgetown. Most recently, it relocated to Eighth Avenue in the Bridgetown suburb of Belleville, St. Michael.

Past G.M.s[edit]

Listed companies[edit]

  • Almond Resorts Inc. -- ARI site
  • ANSA McAL (Barbados) Ltd. -- MCAL site
  • Banks Holdings Ltd. -- BHL site
  • Barbados Dairy Industries Ltd. (Pine Hill Dairy) -- BDI
  • Barbados Farms Ltd. -- BFL
  • Barbados National Bank Inc. -- BNB site
  • Barbados Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. -- BST site
  • Bico Ltd.—BCO
  • Cable & Wireless Barbados Ltd. -- CWBL site
  • Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd. -- CSP site
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank—FCI
  • Fortress Caribbean Property Fund—CPF site
  • Goddard Enterprises Ltd. -- GDE site
  • Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd—ICBL site
  • Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd. -- JMMB site
  • Light & Power Holdings Ltd. -- LPH site
  • Light & Power Holdings Ltd. 5.5% Pref—LPH55 site
  • Neal & Massy Holdings Ltd. -- NML site
  • One Caribbean Media Ltd. -- OCM site
  • Sagicor Financial Corporation—SFC site
  • Sagicor Financial Corporation 6.5% Pref—SFC65 site
  • Trinidad Cement Ltd—TCL site
  • The West India Biscuit Company Ltd. -- WIB site
  • West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. -- WIR site
  • Royal Fidelity TIGRS A Fund—RFTA site
  • Royal Fidelity TIGRS A1 Fund—RFTA1 site

Formerly listed companies[edit]

  • A.S. Brydens & Sons Ltd. -- ASB
  • BWIA West Indies Ltd. -- BWIA
  • Courts (Barbados) Ltd. -- CTS
  • Life of Barbados Ltd—LOB: Now Sagicor Financial Corporation
  • RBTT Financial Holdings Ltd. -- RBTT
  • GraceKennedy Ltd—GKC
  • Sunbeach Communications Inc. -- SBH

Other companies: List of Barbadian companies

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