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Old Barbados Transport Board bus BM322 turning into Fairchild Street in Bridgetown.

The Barbados Transport Board is the government owned bus transport provider in the country of Barbados. The fare is BD$2.00 per ride to any point on the island for adults, (free for seniors citizens), $1.50 for children under 18 years of age, (although free for children with school clothes or crests). The headquarters is located at Kays House, Roebuck Street, while the main terminal is at Fairchild Street in Bridgetown. The other three terminals are: the River Terminal (located just across the river from the Main Terminal, The Princess Alice Terminal also in Bridgetown and the Speightstown Terminal, St. Peter in the north.[1]

Tokens, each valid for one ride.

The Barbados Transport Board now has a fleet of approximately 304 buses. The buses are blue in colour with a yellow trim and white top. The buses had drivers and conductors to collect fares, but now have automatic fare collection machines since the 1990s. The Transport Board also compete with the private owned route taxis (called ZRs) and the yellow coloured mini-buses. The Barbados Transport Board was approved in June, 1955 by draft legislation of the Governor of Barbados. Three months later, an act of Parliament was passed on August 24, 1955, establishing the Transport Board.


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